6 Comedy Games That Need A Sequel

After so many years, these funny comedy video games earn a follow-up.

Comedic video games are not as common as action and horror games in the current gaming environment. This is because comedic games are often harder to get right than more serious ones. Even though Rockstar and Naughty Dog have used humor to their advantage many times. Their most popular series would not be called comedies.

Some games, though, have gone against the grain and tried to make people laugh. Whether they were copies, parodies, or completely original works. The effects have been different, and some of them have become cult classics years after they were made. Maybe more than any other form, comedy is very personal and changes a lot over time.

Games that tried to be funny in the past have often been thrown out because they look too old now. Others, on the other hand, just can’t walk the line between making people laugh and keeping the gameplay and story interesting. Despite all the problems, though, there are some games that manage to hit all the right notes and give players a lot of laughs in a neat package. And when it comes to these games, less is definitely not more.

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