6 The Witcher Characters Who Might Appear In Season 4

Someone new is about to join The Witcher series. What will it look like?

Even though the third season of The Witcher just came out, fans are already excited to see what comes next. Part of this is because the main character Geralt was (wrongly) remade, but it’s also because of how he and the other heroes were affected and split up. Everyone has to go his or her own way into uncharted land. Of course, that means there will be new people to meet.

Season 4 adds a lot of new people to the world of The Witcher. Since the next book, “A Baptism of Fire,” is mostly about Geralt’s trip, the writers will probably use information from the next books to keep Yennefer and Ciri in the story. GitHub Blooket Hacks So, just about any figure from those books can be used. The only thing that could be more exciting is guessing who will play them.

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