8 Best Drift Cars In The Crew 2

In the open-world driving game The Crew 2, these are the eight best cars for drifting.

The Crew 2 is a huge and very flexible racing video game that came out just a few years ago as a sequel to the first game. It built on the success of the first game by completely changing the way it works and the cars you can drive in it. The Crew got a lot of praise for its huge open world that let players cross state lines and participate in different types of races, from city races to off-road races through forests and swamps.

The Crew 2 took advantage of what made the first game so famous by nearly tripling the number of cars players could choose from and adding events that could happen on land, sea, and even in the air. Even though there are many different kinds of races in The Crew 2, drifting will always be one of the best. Drifting has a lot of fans in the world of driving games, and it takes skill and accuracy to do it well. Players need the right car for the job in The Crew 2, so here are the best cars for drifting in The Crew 2.

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