Sociology Students Must Know the Role of Social Movements in Society

Sociology Students Must Know the Role of Social Movements in Society

Sociology is an interesting subject to study. The subject involves the study of society, culture, reforms, and human social relationships. Sociology is a theoretical subject of research that requires analytical thinking to grasp the concepts. Being a sociology student, you should be well aware of what the social movement is and how it impacts society in different ways. The importance of social movements is unquestionable in our life. It is a collection movement taken by groups of people in order to reform the issues that impact the life of people.

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What are Social Movements?

A social movement is a collective action taken by a group of people to resolve social problems. Different social movements are based on diverse issues. The social movements of the past were related to the labor movements and socialist movements. The social movements of current days are varied and include issues related to the environment, anti-war and peace, women’s rights, the right of children’s education, and many social or regional issues. The way of social movements are also different and includes meeting, media campaign, social media, boycotts, and so on. With globalization, social movements can reach across the national border.

There are various types of social movements that occur in our society from regional to global levels.

Local social movements- It focuses on the local issues of the city and town but it can also affect the smaller constituencies.

State social movements- This kind of social movement happens statewide to unit residents such as political rallying for a voting movement.

National social movements- It runs nationwide to a particular country or territory. Global movements occur across many countries.

According to David Aberle, there are different categories of social movements. These are as follows:

  • Religious and Redemptive Movements
  • Reform Movements
  • Alternative Movements
  • Resistance Movements
  • Revolutionary Movements

The goal of social movements is to bring out social changes and contribute to social development.

How Social Movements Impact the Society

Social movements play a vital role in society by making social changes on several issues. We can see its influence on different perspectives from women’s rights to civil rights to climate change and many other aspects. Social movements are organized groups of people who work together on a particular issue to achieve goals or bring changes to society. Here are some ways social movements influence society.

Increasing Awareness among People

Social movements help to increase awareness of social issues and injustices that have been ignored previously. Several methods are used to increase awareness through marches, protests, different forms of activism, media campaign, and many more. It brings attention to the issues that can impact our life directly or indirectly.

Introduce Social Reforms

Social movements organize people to take action on issues and participate in creating social changes. It provides chance individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and share goals and take a collection for social reforms.

Shaping the Politics

Social movements put pressure on decision-makers such as politicians, corporations, and other institutions to address the issues. It influences the policy and creates a unique effect on individuals who make decisions on issues. The voluntary and self-motivated nature of these movements shapes politics and develops a control of decision-makers.

Influence Social Values

Social movements influence social values by taking the right action towards the issues of society. Social movements can bring cultural changes and create new opportunities for people through social interaction.

Empowering People of Different Categories

Social movements empower people of different categories by releasing their right to education, and living and giving them a voice to fight against the problems. By organizing people who have traditionally been ignored from the decision-making process, social movements help them to develop solidarity and an inclusive society.

Thus, social movement brings many positive changes in society. Being a sociology student, you must gain knowledge of social movements. Taking assignment help services from experts, you can acquire more information in this context.


A social movement is an important tool for individuals to make them aware of their rights, justice, and many more.  By developing a deep understanding of the subject and getting professional support, you can understand its importance.

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