Finding the Right Support Coordinator: Factors to Consider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has changed the lives of millions of disabled people in Australia, allowing them to access essential support and services. NDIS participants have the opportunity to choose their NDIS support coordinators, who play a crucial role in helping them navigate the complex world of disability services.

Selecting the right support coordinator is essential for ensuring participants receive the best possible assistance tailored to their unique needs. This article will discuss key considerations and the selection process to find the right support coordinator.

What are the Key Considerations for Finding the Right Support Coordinator? 

Here are a few tips or key considerations for finding the right support coordinator: 

  • Review Your Options 

Numerous support coordinators actively seek NDIS participants to assist. Reach out to multiple local support organisations, assess their reviews and services, and consider various choices. By doing so, you significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable support coordinator that meets your needs.

  • Trustworthy 

Ensure that the NDIS support coordinator you opt for is dependable, accessible, and always prepared to assist you whenever required. You can often gauge their reliability by examining reviews and feedback from other participants, which shed light on the quality of their services.

  • Compare Pricing 

Support coordinators’ fees vary based on the services they offer and include in your plan. NDIS-registered coordinators can only charge according to the NDIS price guide. Once you’re aware of their charges, you can negotiate a rate that fits your budget, allowing you to maximise your allocated funding. The NDIS price guide provides valuable details on what you can claim with your funding and the relevant categories for those claims.

  • Levels of Support Coordination 

Check if support coordination is available on three main levels:

  • Specialist support coordination: This is the highest level, designed for participants facing complex situations.
  • Support connection: This level helps you connect with the community and access funded support to reach your goals.
  • You have the flexibility to select the support coordination type that aligns best with your needs and include it in your plan.

What is the Selection Process to Find the Right Support Coordinator? 

If Support Coordination is already part of your NDIS Plan, you can use your Core budget to access extra hours of this service in case your Capacity Building funding for Support Coordination is depleted.

If Support Coordination is not initially included in your NDIS Plan, you can still use your Core budget to access this service.


You can also approach the NDIS management agency to find the right support coordinator. Finding the right NDIS support coordinator may take time and effort, but it is an essential step in ensuring participants receive the support they need to lead fulfilling lives. 

By considering key factors and following a diligent selection process, NDIS participants can find the ideal NDIS support coordinator to accompany them on their journey towards independence and achievement of their goals.

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