Promotional T-Shirt Printing

Promotional T-Shirt Printing

Businesses of all sizes, particularly those in the education sector and those whose primary means of communication are branded t-shirts, employ printed t-shirt goods for a broad variety of purposes, both inside and outside the office. Printed t-shirt products, which are generally used with the brand name and logo, are a frequently preferred product with both its functional benefits and stylish structure. Economical printed t-shirts, which are processed with transfer printing technique on high quality fabric (100% cotton) with only white color, are frequently preferred for promotional purposes. Due to the type of printing used, our economical shirt printing product, which is produced especially for promotional purposes, may experience effects such as peeling in long usage.

Product features:

  • Our products are Unisex. It may be used by either sexes with equal ease.
  • The product should be hand washed.
  • Iron the side without the print first.
  • This product is classified as an economical product due to the printing technique used and is listed at reasonable prices. For this reason, it is not suitable for long-term use, deformations such as peeling can be observed in the printed area in long use.
  • The fabric features of the same pattern, white color tone and texture of the fabric may vary slightly depending on our stock status in the orders you will place.

Prepress Considerations

  • Either the front or the back, or both, may be printed on. When both front and back printing are preferred, the designs of both sides must be uploaded to the system.
  • Sending a design suitable for printing will allow you to get the print approval of the product quickly, we recommend using the product templates to upload your designs.

T-Shirt Printing

There are different techniques applied for the T-shirt printing process. These techniques may vary depending on the fabric of the t-shirt and the type of print. T-shirt printing happens quite often. Printing can be done with different pictures, texts, patterns and coloring on the t-shirt. There are different methods and techniques for printing applied on the T-shirt. With the use of these techniques, the printing process takes place. Printing methods have different quality levels. The desired pattern for printing can be selected and applied.

What is T-Shirt Printing?

The printing process is carried out by coloring some parts of the t-shirt. There are many different techniques used for printing. Which of these techniques is most suitable for the T-shirt fabric and printing type is applied.

T-shirt printing can be in the form of text, embroidery or logo. In order for the print to be applied on the t-shirt not to come off in one wash, a quality printing technique must be applied. In this way, the shirt printing will be of high quality and you can use it for a long time.

What are the Methods Used for T-Shirt Printing?

As mentioned above, many different processes are used for t-shirt printing. With these methods, you can get different results from suppression. The methods used for printing are as follows;

Abrasion:  When abrasive pressure is applied on a previously painted surface, the substance that reduces the paste in the bake shows deterioration in the places where there is copper. In this way, white-looking effects, namely patterns, are formed in the floors where white abrasion paste is used. In this way, the etching process takes place without any problems.

Direct Printing: This printing process takes place by regional coloring of the fabrics. Printing can also be applied on fabrics with light color dyes. Direct printing is a printing process that can also be applied on fabrics with light color dyes. The most important point to be considered during this process is that in some cases the color of the background and the color of the print may affect each other.

Transfer Printing: The transfer of the volatile dyestuff, which is kept in a suitable paper in transfer printing, together with the paper and material contact, on the T-shirt is called transfer printing.

What Steps Should Be Taken for T-Shirt Printing?

There are some steps that must be followed in order for the printing process to take place. These steps are as follows;

· First of all, the dissolved dyestuff must enter the fiber.

It is also very important that this substance is permanently attached to the fibers.

· Dyestuffs should finally be fixed to the fibers.

After the above-mentioned steps are completed without any problems, the shirt printing process is also completed. However, these steps must be taken first.

Sublimation Printing Papers For Printing

 One of the printing options used for printing is sublimation printing papersThanks to these printing papers, the desired print is transferred to the t-shirt with the appropriate temperature.

T-Shirt Printing Screen Printing

Screen printing is a very high quality printing technique. It is also frequently preferred for shirt printing.

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