Ranking Every Diablo Games By Difficulty

Here are all of Blizzard’s Diablo games in order of how easy they are to play.

There aren’t many video game series that have lived for decades, outliving console generations and even copies of their original games. The Diablo series from Blizzard has done just that. The first game in the series came out in 1997, and the most recent one, Diablo 4, came out in June 2023. Blizzard has made a lot of changes to the original formula that made the game popular. But in the end, Diablo always stands out from the rest.

Changes in challenge are one thing that makes the Diablo games so interesting. They can make players feel like unbeatable forces of destruction for a minute. Then throw a tougher enemy at them a few seconds later who kills them in seconds. In this way, not all Diablo games are the same. Some are almost too easy to get through, while others will challenge players from the start.

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