The Nol Card – The Ultimate Dubai Nol Card Overview


In significant cities with significant traffic numbers, public transportation is a crucial problem. Therefore, creating cities like Dubai have actually struggled to manage traffic and enhance transport quality. For instance, the Dubai Noel Card was launched in 2009 as a global settlement system for using public transportation, and it is currently the only methods to spend for and operate vehicles such as buses and trains.

It is necessary to note that whether you most likely to Dubai on an excursion or your very own, you need to have a Nol card to use public transport to relocate from one location to an additional. In this article, we will discuss Nol cards, which are electronic cards that you need to plan for your journey. Continue to follow us.

What is the Nol card, and what are the advantages of Nol cards?

Prior to we accomplish anything, we must have total and enough expertise. One of the most vital facets of checking out Dubai is purchasing a Nol card and learning about its rewards.

A Nol Card is a type of smart card.

To use public transit in Dubai, you have to have this card. You have to prepare a null card if you want to ride buses, subways, trams, or maritime public transport in Dubai.

Money can be used to pay for transport in some cases, such as taxis; nonetheless, having money or making use of a bank card is useless when making use of trams, buses, and subways.

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As previously clarified, the Nol Card is a rechargeable chip card. You should have a Nol to utilize the RTA (Roadways and Carry Authority) City, buses, taxis, and trams in Dubai. It might also be made use of to pay for a selection of other solutions in Dubai, consisting of entrance to public parks, auto parking meters, museums, and also groceries!

Using Nol cards, the RTA supplies a variety of benefits, consisting of reduced rates as compared to purchasing a single-fare ticket and pupil discounts. You might likewise conserve time by avoiding lengthy lines at ticket devices. And utilizing your Nol card for a number of tours, consisting of transfers in between forms of transportation.

Along with being a convenient and cost-efficient way to commute to your English language institute or move around Dubai. And making use of an RTA Nol card helps to reduce paper waste and sustains the city’s sustainability programs.

Nol cards are also approved at a wide variety of organizations and services in Dubai, consisting of well-known grocery stores. Like Lulu and Carrefour, pharmacies like Aster, Medcom, and Medicina, and world-class amusement parks like IMG Worlds of Experience.

All the factors pointed out are amongst the benefits of the Nol Card. Remember, a tour guide to Dubai public transportationcan be an excellent guide for your trip to Dubai. And how to use public transportation.

How to Make Use Of a Dubai Nol Card?

Relying on the sort of card, you may buy a Nol card in Dubai with metro ticket booths, ticket vending machines, or online at In the sections that comply with, we will certainly information the many sorts of null cards. And their applications to ensure that you may quickly obtain the card you want in Dubai.

How many Nol cards exist in Dubai?

The Nol cards are available in four distinctive forms and colors. Of course, all 4 colors of the card are planned for use with public transport, yet they differ in cost, seat kind, and other facets. In the following sections, we will certainly analyze Nol cards of various shades.

Red Nol card

The Dubai Red Nol Card is ideal for Dubai tour site visitorsthat will only be in the city for a few days. This void card looks like a paper ticket.

The red absolutely no cards are just two dirhams in price. The Nol Card is good for 90 days and might only be made use of on one public transport system 10 times. As previously shown, if you utilize this card on the metro for the first time, you should use the subway for the next nine journeys. You cannot combine buses, cable cars, sea buses, and metros. You cannot charge inexpensive Dubai Nol cards..

Blue Nol Card

The Nol Blue Dubai Card is designed for Dubai citizens and visitors who intend to stay in the city for an extended duration. This is a plastic card that can be charged.

This is a clever, one-of-a-kind Nol card that includes people’s identifications, such as images and personal info. Similarly, the system deletes other Nol cards without details when clearing the debt and all purchases.

However, if you lose or damage a void blue card, the system retains the information, enabling it to transfer and credit to another Nol blue card. The Blue Nol Card costs 70 AED up front, with a 20 AED e-purse worth consisted of. You can load up to 5,000 AED onto your registered Blue Nol Card.

Silver Nol Card

Dubai Silver Nol cards, like blue smart cards, might be recharged. With the exception that no individual info is saved money on it. This card is appropriate for individuals who drive routinely.

This card is likewise superb for travelers that want to make use of a mix of buses, sea buses, trains, and trams.

It’s worth mentioning that, starting in 2019, you may use the Null card to spend for taxis along with public transport in Dubai. The Nol Silver Card benefits approximately 5 years. It sets you back 25 dirhams to obtain a null card. The charge is 6 dirhams, with a first cost of 19 dirhams and a maximum charge of 1000 dirhams. It makes no difference where you remain in Dubai or where you go with the Nol Silver Card.

Golden Nol Card

The Nol Gold Card works in the same way as the Nol Silver Card, with the exact same initial cost and card expense. Yet, utilizing a gold card is a lot more expensive than using a silver card. The metro, tram, and buses offer first-class seats to Dubai Golden Nol Cardholder. It is worth pointing out that every mode of public transport in Dubai contains a top-notch section with dramatically even more lavish seats, windows, and traveler area than in various other locations.

All these ideas are for Nol Card Dubai visitors. If it is hard for you to make use of mass transit, you can utilize a automobile rental in Dubai and have a cheaper and easier journey to Dubai.

Just how much does it cost to get a Nol card?

In general, users should pay pre-determined rates for utilizing public transit automobiles bearing the RTA icon and run by the Dubai Road and Transport Authority, constituting the expense of Nol cards in Dubai.

Just how do I check my NOL Card equilibrium?

To learn how much credit rating Nol Dubai has, most likely to the Roadway and Transportation Division’s site and move the official card. After that, select “Nol Card Balance check.”.

To access the credit rating and repayment information for the new card ahead of time, get in the code engraved on the back of the card. This is the easiest strategy for establishing the legitimacy of the Nol card, however if there matter kiosks near you, go through and ask the attendants, and you might learn about your genuine new cardThe gate’s display will show the remaining amount of credit if you utilize a no debit card.


We go through all of the important components of the Dubai Nol card in the paragraph over. Remember that of one of the most crucial prerequisites for taking public transportation in Dubai is the Nol card.

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