Why Amethyst is a Lucky Stone? Know Benefits Here!

Amethyst is a beautiful stone that looks amazing in its purple hues. The stone has a crystal transparency look and is found in light and dark shades of purple with a violet tint. This eye-catching gem with an allure is often used by people because of its beauty. People wear the amethyst stone a lot as pendants.

It is also used a lot in crystal therapy techniques because the aura of this stone provides a positive, hopeful, and calm environment.

This mystic beauty has astrological significance which describes the many advantages this stone provides to people who wear it. Generally in India, this gemstone is known as Kathela. And often mentioned as a stone for spiritual growth, protection from negativity, and healing properties.

Because of all these properties of providing positive traits to the wearer, this stone is a lucky stone.

Healing Properties of Amethyst Gemstone

An original amethyst gemstone radiates its energies to you and so the vibrations that come to you will physically heal you. The foremost health benefit of the amethyst stone is that it will Strengthen your immune system. Our immune system protects us from many infections and diseases and a strong immune system means a stronger you.

Any problems you might have related to your stomach like hyperacidity, pain, etc. will heal and you will have better digestion.

This gemstone is also helpful in getting rid of addictions and bad habits. And so if you are suffering from bad addictions and cannot let them go, wearing this gemstone will be beneficial for you.

The amethyst gemstone also provides relief from headaches. It gives the wearer mental calmness.

Emotional Properties of Amethyst Gemstone

A natural amethyst gemstone also impacts the emotional state of the person. It provides the wearer with balance, emotionally. The stone regulates your hormones, which cause mood swings and provide stability in moods.

The gemstone will make your mind peaceful. It will assist you in overcoming any emotional traumas you might have from the past. And will reduce feelings of sadness and loneliness. It will address your concerns and help you reduce them. Your anxieties and panic attacks will all be reduced. Your mental state will get more stable.

An original amethyst gemstone will remove your confusion and fogginess from your thoughts. It will increase your insights and your gut feelings will help you be on the right path.

Spiritual Properties of Amethyst Stone

Spiritually, the amethyst gemstone is used highly in spiritual therapies. Mostly it is used in crystal therapies. The stone with its aura forms a shield-like energy around itself and whoever comes in this aura gets the positiveness of the stone’s aura. The stone’s energy will increase your focus in your spiritual practice. It will help you concentrate more. And will assist you in being more aware of your mind. It will aid in focusing more on your thoughts and your conscious and sub-conscious mind which will help you with your connection to the universe and the lookout you have for the world.

The Spiritual Benefits of the amethyst gemstone also include shielding you from harm and negative energies. It will protect you from evil spirits, and bad omens as well as all the negative emotions like depression.

Indeed, the amethyst stone will activate the third crown chakra. This chakra once activated in the person will open the basic senses of the person. It will increase the psychic abilities which helps the person in making better decisions for himself. Also, this chakra will enhance your cognitive skills, wisdom, intellect, and knowledge.

Wrapping Up

The Amethyst gemstone is beautiful and mystical which provides a lot of benefits to anyone who wears it. This gemstone is so powerful so before wearing this stone it is advisable to have a consultation with an expert astrologer or Pundit. This soothing stone will only give you positive vibes when you wear this stone when it is in link with your birth chart. If the stone is in your favor, it will provide you with its maximum positive benefits and shield you from any negative energies.

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